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Searching for the best guide showing how to upgrade from Joomla 3.4 to Joomla 3.5? This is what your need!

Joomla 3.4 release is a great new for everyone who love Joomla. Since it comes up with many special new feature like: PHP7 SUPPORT, UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS VIA EMAIL, , ANONYMIZED SYSTEM DATA, EASILY INSERT MODULES IN ARTICLES, ITEM COUNTING, SYSTEM INFORMATION EXPORT, DRAG & DROP IMAGES, EASIER CUSTOMIZATION OF PROTOSTAR. So you must Upgrade joomla 3.4 to joomla 3.5I am not sure what is the feature you love most in Joomla 3.5. I truly like PHP 7 support feature since it will enhance performance for your Joomla site 50%. That's really perfect due to Joomla is not very good at this factor by default.

In this tutorial, I will show 2 methods showing how to Upgrade joomla 3.4 to joomla 3.5 to fully enjoy it's benefits

First of all you need to back up your Joomla 3.4 site first. There are lots of ways to create full backup of your site: manually backup Joomla files and backup database via phpadmin. Use Akeeba Backup component. Click backup in Cpanel in some hosting. We recommend you use Akeeba Backup Component for Joomla - a very popular component.

Upgrade joomla 3.4 to joomla 3.5: METHOD 1

You can use this method when you can only upload files

Step 1: Download the update package for Joomla 3.5

Step 2: Copy the package to /tmp folder

Step 3: Update to Joomla 3.5 using Joomla Update component

Congratulation, enjoy your Joomla 3.5

Upgrade joomla 3.4 to joomla 3.5: METHOD 2

This is another method if can override existing core files

Step 1: Download the update package for Joomla 3.5

Step 2: Override any existing file

You can copy the update package to the root directory of your site then unpack it to override existing files. If you server doesn't allow unzip the archive you can extract package on your local and override then

Step 3: Fix database

Go to Extension >> Database and click "Fix" Button in the top left corner:

fix data base during upgrade joomla 3.4 to Joomla 3.5

Step 4: Install Joomla Core extensions

Go to discover menu item in the left menu and click discover, Select Joomla Core extensions & install.

Install Joomla Core extensions when upgrade joomla 3.4 to joomla 3.5

Step 5: Clear system cache

Go to System >> Clear Cache. Clear any showing rows.

Clear Cache when upgrade joomla 3.4 to joomla 3.5


You are successful! Welcome to Joomla 3.5