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If you’ve been trying to install a package with a template Joomla 3 quickstart zip file and the installation hangs at the “Creating configuration File” step.

joomla 3 stuck at creating database

You have to make few changes in order to fix it, let view some ways below:

TIP 1: Increase PHP memory limit:

A PHP memory limit of 32MB is the minimum requirement for Joomla! and 64MB is recommended for Quickstart installations. Locate the php.ini file used by your web server. Note that this change will affect all CMS websites and PHP scripts on the server. Add or Edit the memory_limit parameter in the php.ini file:

Add this line memory_limit = 64M ; to a php.ini file in your Website root folder. If there is no section already for this, place the above line at the end of the file.

In some hosting environments, accessing to the PHP memory limit setting is restricted, you can ask your hosting provider to adjust it for you.

TIP 2: Increase Max execution time:

Locate php.ini file and search for “max_execution_time = 60? and change it to 240 or more. Then the installation will be perfect.

TIP 3: (for hanging at creating database when developing on XAMPP or WAMPP)

- Go to wamp\www\your-joomla\installation\sql\mysql (if you are using Wampp) or Xampp\htdocs\Your joomla folder\installation\sql\mysql (for Xampp)

- Open Joomla.sql file find the term ENGINE=InnoDB and replace all with ENGINE=MyIsam


- Save the file and remake

- If the installation process continues hanging on step "installing sample data". You do the same with file sample_data.sql