Module Portfolio Joomla is a simple and functional module that lets you create a page on your site for displaying portfolio items. You can add details to each item.our clients: and and and and and and more.....

In a previous post, I have shown you how to put a module in article in Joomla 3. You can even easily load a module to an article with in a few click with Joomla 3.5

Since the release of Joomla 3.5 with some new features, you will be able to add a module to Joomla 3.5 article readily. The default article editor has a button "Modules" , click on the the button and you will have a popup with list of available modules to insert into the article. Please note that, you can always use the loading module or position by systax or (as was the way in earlier Joomla versions).

Insert Module in article in Joomla 3.5

New option to insert modules to Joomla article