Module Portfolio Joomla is a simple and functional module that lets you create a page on your site for displaying portfolio items. You can add details to each item.our clients: and and and and and and more.....

You can always use an FPT client to save/download all Joomla files and folders to your computer However, Joomla has more than 3000 core files, your own actual media content – photos, videos, extensions etc. and that number will grow even bigger. This means that if you transfer your files via FTP it may take lot of time time because multiple small files are slower to transfer than one big file. A more efficient way to transfer your files is to compress them first into a single ZIP file using the File Manager tool in cPanel. To do this go to the main folder of your Joomla 3 installation, select all files and press the Compress button in the top part of the page. Let follow our steps to know How to backup Joomla files:

1. First, login to your cPanel account you can access domain/cpanel

2. Go to file Manager, select root or sub directory you want to access => Click go

file manager in cpanel

3. Select all files and click compress and the File Manager will create the archive of all the files and folders you’ve selected.

how to backup joomla files

Once you have created the archive of your files you can download it either through an FTP client or navigate to the file using a regular browser to download it on your hard drive.

download archive


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