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When use the Joomla! component sh404SEF on your Joomla site. You may not know what is Canonical urls in sh404SEF and what is it for? You will find the answer in this page!


As a SEO aware web developer, you should learn about canonical links and how to use them especially in Joomla which easily generate many pages which have the same content. Canonical links are tags you enter into your page to ensure that Google indexes the correct page, and to avoid duplicate entries in the Google index.

What is a Canonical Url

As you know Google extremely hate duplicate content on a site and if you have enough of them you may get penalized because it seems you are trying to trick search engines into weighting your site higher for traffic. For example, currently Google sees the following urls as two separate pages but have the same intro content:



Canonical links are tags that helps webmasters avoid duplicate content issues by telling Google indexes the correct page or specifying the "canonical", or "preferred" version of a web page for a part of SEO. So as per example above, my "preferred" url is if I add Canonical url in

The look of the Canonical url will be like this when HTML tag in head area of your source code in

<link href="" rel="canonical" />

How Canonical in SH404SEF can help ?

You many need to inject the code in core file, but no need, luckily Canonical urls in sh404SEF can help you quickly. What I need to do is go to SH404SEF >> URL Manager, search for joomla-tutorial/Page-2, and add Canonical url for this page:

Canonical urls in sh404SEF

As the result you will find when inspecting element on

canonial in sh404


Canonical URL awareness is important for SEO especially for Joomla. The easiest way to use is Canonical urls in sh404SEF