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How to create a multi language site in joomla 3

Without any third party extension Joomla allows you to create easily a multilingual website,. In this tutorial, you’ll find know how to create a multi language site in joomla 3

Step 1: Install new language

Option 1: Setup a Multilingual site on an existing site

During this guide the default language of the site we are using is English and French will be selected as a second language for demonstration. Creating a multi language site in joomla 3 is not very complicated, you need to follow essential small steps.

– Check which languages are currently available on the joomla 3 site:

Go to Extensions ? Language(s). In this example, you can see the currently installed language is British English (en-GB).

– Adding a new language:

+ Installing the French language package : Go to Extensions ? Language(s) , click the button at the top left Install Language.